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Solar PV Panels

Save up to 50% on your electricity bills every month, for LIFE!!!
Using the SEAI grant, save up to €2,400 on the cost of installation.

VAT FREE Promotion
The government has agreed to reduce the VAT on PV panels to 0% making it the BEST time to have PV panels installed


2023 is the best time to install PV Solar Panels. With a HUGE grant from the government and now removing the VAT, you can now save up to €5,000 and still make saving every day from nothing but natural light. 


How does SOLAR work?

It's actually a very simple system 

1. The PV panel collect natural light and creates energy. 

2. An inverter is used to turn this energy into a usable energy for your home 

3. Then turn on the kettle and boil it for FREE or store this energy in a battery system for later.

4. You can even go a step further by heating your hot water when the battery is full (optional)

5. Then enjoy for the next 25 years or more 

Solar PV Grant

This grant is to help you install Solar PV panels in your home to generate renewable electricity.

All homeowners, including private landlords, whose homes were built and occupied before 2021 can apply for this grant of up to €2,400. Currently the Irish Government have also agreed to remove all VAT on Solar PV Panels. As you know, there is no better time to make a solar investment

Below we outline the steps to get your grant


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B Smyth, Castleknock

Google Verified review

"Top class work for Chris and the team. The app is handy to see what the panels are producing, but the cheaper electricity bill is the best part. Took the team less than a day to install"

M James, Dunboyne

Google Verified review

"2 companies told us that panels were not possible given our roof direction. The Solaris team found us a great solution by using the roof of our large shed at the back of the garden"

J Boylan, Baldoyle

Google Verified review

"I was expecting dust, chaos and banging all day, but I was pleasantly surprised. Worked from home for that day and hardly noticed the team. Even the dog wasn't phased by the install. Thanks guys, would recommend to a friend for sure"
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